Code of Conduct

We subscribe to the following Injury Lawyer’s Code of Conduct:

  • We will provide a professional service

  • We will maintain strict confidentiality about the legal affairs of our clients

  • We will keep ourselves informed, educated and up to date with current law and procedures

  • We will share our knowledge of the law with others subscribing to our objectives

  • We will maximise the amount of compensation receivable in the hands of our client

  • We will ensure that our client is fully aware of, and fully and professionally advised on, all costs issues

  • We will ensure that our clients has the opportunity to receive advice on the investment and/or use of damages

  • We will act in the best interests of our client

  • We will provide our client with independent advice

  • We will behave and act in a manner which will uphold the standing and good reputation of claimant injury lawyers

  • We will not pursue a frivolous claim, issue or position, but will not refrain from taking or pursuing any claim, issue or position which is believed to have merit

  • We will proceed expeditiously with all personal injury claims

  • We will not make excessive or unnecessary monetary charges to our client

  • We will not, personally or through an agent, make representations of experience or specialist skills which we do not possess

  • We will not knowingly make any statement, whether in publicity material to a prospective client, an existing client, or otherwise, which may give our client false expectations

  • We will not undertake false, deceptive or misleading advertising

  • We will not, personally or through an agent, directly contact a potential client (except through permitted advertising), where there has been no request for such contact (‘cold calling’). “Permitted advertising” is advertising which complies with the Solicitors (Advertising) Regulations 2002, S.I 508 of 2002

  • We will not knowingly accept a referral from a person who obtained the representation by means contrary to this code

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It is important to take prompt action when you or a loved one have been hurt, whether intentionally or by someone’s negligence. This will help you preserve your right to seek the compensation you deserve. As very strict time limits apply, you should not delay

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For the convenience of our injured clients who cannot travel, home and hospital visits are available upon request

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We will not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement

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